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You can save time and expense by preparing all of your expenses and combining them into a single reimbursement request.  There is no limit to how many receipts you can upload in a single transaction. To be prepared you must have scans of all your receipts. To start, click on the 'Start Reimbursement' tab.

To Begin

To begin, select Start New Reimbursement from the menu or click the Start New Reimbursement button on your homescreen tile.


Step One - Upload your receipts

If you have your receipts scanned, the first step is to upload them. You can upload jpeg, png and pdf formats. Simply drag them to the screen or choose to upload them from your computer.

You can upload as many as you like. If only one, then click next. If you wish to add more, simply browse or drag your next receipt.

Step Two - Add Details

Now we need you to tell us a little bit about your reciept. Fill in the name of the store and the total amount of the purchase.


Step Three - Choose Purse

The final step is to choose which purse you want to use and make sure all the information is correct. You can use funds from more than one purse, but you must choose at least one. Once complete, click the green 'Submit' button and your reimbursement request will be submitted to your admin.

Funds that are not available for reimbursement will be grayed out and marked 'restricted'. If you need to use these funds, contact your administrator.

After you complete this step, you will have a chance to review your reimbursement request before submitting it. Your admins will be notified of the pending request and it will be up to them to approve it. Once it's approved, a transfer will be initiated to your bank account.

Please note:  You can request less money than the total receipt amount (perhaps you bought some personal products during while shopping) but you cannot request a reimbursement for more than the total receipt amount.

Also, you can only request a reimbursement for the total amount of funds available in your account that are allowed for reimbursement. You may have funds in two purses, but one might be restricted by your administrator.